It’s a New Day

We continue to link and network finding more and more individuals who want to become aware. 

“Words do two major things: They provide food for the mind and create light for understanding and awareness.”Jim Rohn

I invite you to nourish your brain.


It’s Not Impossible

We are booking venues for speaking and entertaining to deliver the message of Autism Awareness and Anti-Bullying.  On February 13th one of Alex’s dream will come true, he will have the opportunity to speak before the Cleveland Indians Organization.  When Alex was 2 years old he was introduced to the world of baseball one night watching the Indians versus the Baltimore Orioles, he was fascinated with the game and he was sure the opposing team was called the Oreos.  His fascination with baseball and sports statistics amazes most who sit and talk to him (he can also bore the average person who just enjoys the game for entertainment).  As Alex says, an Autistic Brain is a beautiful brain – it can hold so much knowledge, it’s like a treasure chest filled with unexpected.

Alex is thinking big – he plans to speak and entertain through out 2014 and the 2015 — his initiative is to bring Awareness and create a an album of original music that will support Autism Aware.  In April of 2015 Alex wants to appear on Good Morning America or the Today Show or both to show that Impossible means I’m Possible…join him in his initiative!



The Autistic Brain or the UnAutistic Brain

Tonight Alex and I started this blog site so we could share from site to many – I work with details all day long and yet I was overwhelmed with setting this up.  Yet for Alex it was simple, despite the fact he said he had no idea what to do…yet he took the laptop away from me and within minutes we were setup and online.the autistic brain