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We R Still Standing

practice what you post

share your storyToday I am sitting in Einstein’s writing this blog; I am contemplating all that has transpired in the last year. It was just a year ago, this month, that Alex took his sports radio show, “After Further Review” to an internet platform that he hoped and believed would be professional as well as provide the alternative to sports radio that he and many others think is needed in the Cleveland, Ohio market. Within four months the owners sold the business to someone without vision, business sense, nor the capacity to communicate with the show hosts. From the inception of the sale, there was animosity and the promised growth and dwindled.
BullshitThe new owner took on partners that he could not work with and the partnership brought, even more, commotion to the internet station. Alex continued to broadcast his show weekly. Alex made every attempt to build his audience without the assistance of management (a failed website and Facebook page,) creating his social media network, having his manager obtain sponsors and created a sponsor based social media presence.

wrong directionAlex was prepared to buy-in and or buy-out this station to improve the internet model that is needed to compete with the terrestrial stations here in the Cleveland area. After months of encouraging that three of the owners wanted him in and the fourth partner was out, all agreements ceased as of last night (Tuesday, May 9th.)

See clearlyNot only did Alex devote himself to this internet radio station for the last year, I did as well. Devotion came in time, money spent out of pocket with a pat on the back and an “atta boy” and promises to a kick in the ASS! However, the swift kick is yet another learning lesson because we landed on our feet and we are off and running. We went in with our eyes wide open; we see more clearly now.

the pastSadly, it warns me to be a little more careful in my choice of helping people as a consultant, and believing people when they use the words, “we think of you like family.” If the family likes to kick your ass, I don’t need any more family!  In the past, this would have discolored Alex’s world, not this time; he is already on to his next venture. He is still blogging, and his project with Rich Mone is still progressing. Sports Broadcasting will always be in his blood as well as his Music. Alex is ready to utilize his business degree real soon; he’s not about to waste his expertise.

love the life you liveAs for me, I am still podcasting; nothing changed there. Alex’s sponsors are still getting the time to brand with me (at no charge). The DVasha series goes on the road next week, and we will be scheduling more seminars in the next few weeks.
Life is Good!

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